What You Need To Know About Buying Ammunition For Your Handgun

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Buying 9mm ammunition for your handgun is not always as simple as running to the store and buying a box. There are many kinds of 9mm ammo available to purchase, but depending on how you will use it, some types are better suited to your needs than others. 

Ammo Costs

Typically if you are trying to save some money and are only using your 9mm ammo for range or target shooting, you can buy boxes of 9mm full metal jacket ammunition from a smaller manufacturer that will work fine but is less expensive than other brands. The ammunition is a basic lead bullet coated in a copper jacket, then loaded into a standard 9mm cartridge with an average gunpowder load. 

These FMJ or full metal jacket rounds are perfectly capable and can be used for many different scenarios but are well suited to target shooting and are typically the most economical rounds you can buy. It is essential to check the quality of the ammo before you buy it if you are using off-brands. The crimp around the bullet should not have gaps, the primer needs to be well seated, and the casing should not have any blemishes that would indicate a thin spot or stress point with the brass.

Self Defense Ammo

While you could use FMJ rounds for self-defense, the speed and limited bullet expansion on impact make them less effective at stopping an advancing assailant than other rounds. Lower quality 9mm ammo is also more prone to jamming, so you could be in trouble if you need your gun in a hurry and the weapon jams. 

High-quality ammo and a semi-jacketed hollow point are better options for defense ammo because they are dependable and deliver more energy on impact. In a self-defense scenario, that means stopping an assailant before they are close enough to harm you or your family. Often more expensive 9mm ammo has tighter tolerances, feeds smoother in the gun, and is more dependable overall. 

Less lethal 9mm ammo is also available and is designed to hit hard but with limited damage to your target. If someone breaks into your home, less-lethal ammo could be the best option, and if you do have to shoot, you most likely will only wound the criminal.

The advantage to less-lethal ammo is that it is less likely to ricochet or penetrate interior walls, making it safer to use in a home that has kids and other people in other rooms. Talk to someone at a local gun shop, such as The Armory, if you are interested in the less-lethal 9mm ammo options you have when protecting your home and family.  


24 January 2022

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