Off-Field Education That An Overseas Soccer Academy Can Offer

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Sending your child to a soccer training academy in Spain is a good way to help them improve their fundamentals. The combination of professional-caliber instruction and playing against high-level opponents from around the globe can quickly elevate your child's skills as a soccer player — and help to prepare them for the next steps that they'll take in their career. While you might primarily be focused on the skills that your child will develop through practices and games, it's important to remember that many overseas academies also offer a lot of high-level off-field education. Given the prevalence of soccer in countries such as Spain, you can expect that this off-field education can often be more extensive than what you can find in domestic soccer training programs. When you're looking at different programs, plan to book one that makes these things available to its participants.


Professional soccer players have to be highly conscientious about what they put in their bodies, so many soccer training programs provide education on soccer-specific nutrition. The right diet can help a player to improve their performance, and it's never too early for your child to start eating in a way that supports their play on the soccer field. Your child will learn about the right combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to consume, as well as what meals and snacks are best before and after games. There will also be an emphasis on hydration, given the amount that soccer players can sweat over the course of a game.

Fitness Training

You also want to pick a soccer academy that will provide a thorough overview of soccer-specific fitness training. Your child gets a lot of cardiovascular exercise simply from playing soccer, but they also need to understand how to prepare their body in the gym to excel on the field. A focus on fitness training will highlight the importance of building strength as a way to be quicker on the field and less prone to injury, as well as stretching before and after games and practices.

Mental Training

The best professional athletes put considerable time and effort into mental training, so this is another element that is often present when you send your child to an overseas soccer academy. It's easy for a young soccer player's emotions to rise and fall over the course of the season. Your child might feel discouraged and begin to doubt their abilities after a few bad games in a row, for example. Mental training can help your child to keep a positive attitude and stay motivated to continue getting better — two things that can help them in their young career.

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28 April 2021

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