Why Your Center Console Boat Should Have A Sink

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When you evaluate the features that are present in different models of center console boats, it's important to think about how you and your family might use each of them. While many center console boats do not have sinks, some models have small sinks — often, if the boat has a toilet, the sink will be situated near it. It might be easy to think that you wouldn't use a sink, but it's worthwhile to consider the many unique ways that this feature can be handy. Here are some reasons that you'll appreciate having a sink in the boat that you buy.

Washing Children's Hands

If you have children, you're probably anticipating a lot of family outings on the water. For many of these outings, you'll likely take lunch or dinner with you. Many families stress the importance of children washing their hands before eating, and a sink on your boat will allow your kids to perform this simple task. This will especially be important if they're doing some fishing or engaging in other pastimes that result in messy hands. Access to a sink on the vessel will keep you from having to pack hand sanitizer and other cleaning products to wash your kids' hands.

Cleaning Fish

Center console boats can be ideal for fishing. You'll find a lot of models that have a variety of fishing-related features, including live wells, rod storage, and more. A sink on your boat will be critical if you plan to occasionally clean and cook the fish that you catch while you're on the water. Running water makes cleaning fish easier, and you'll want this job to be quick and simple when your family or guests are ready to eat. For an experienced angler, it will be easy to use the on-board sink for cleaning the fish before putting them on the grill.

Keeping Cool

There are several ways that you can keep cool while you're on the water. A center console boat that has a large roof over the console will provide a welcome source of shade, for example. Many people enjoy wetting bandanas or other apparel and putting it on their heads or necks. Depending on where you're boating, you might not want to dip a bandana into the water. For example, if you're in a swampy area, the water may appear unclean and unappealing for this purpose. In such a scenario, you'll appreciate the ability to use the sink on your boat.

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4 January 2021

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