It's All About The Scales: How To Care For Your New Boa Leather Wallet

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If you received a boa leather wallet as a gift, you want to provide the care that it will require. With the proper amount of care, your boa leather wallet will maintain its distinctive appearance for years to come. Here are four maintenance and care tips that will protect your new wallet.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to boa leather, you need to make sure that you keep it clean. Dirt and oils can build up around – and under – the scales, which can cause the skin to deteriorate. To clean your boa leather wallet, the first thing you want to do is gently wipe the surface with a soft cotton cloth. Be sure to wipe in the direction of the scales, or you could lose a few. Next, use a small, soft brush to clean the surface. Makeup brushes or infant tooth brushes work well for this part of the cleaning. Again, be sure to work in the direction of the scales. Finally, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth.

Don't Let the Leather Dry Out

If you want your boa leather wallet to hold up under the pressure, you need to make sure that it doesn't dry out. The best way to prevent dryness is to keep your wallet conditioned. You can do that by applying a small amount of conditioner to the leather each time you clean your wallet. For maximum protection, be sure to use a conditioner that's designed for snake leather. Conditioners that contain lanolin work best for snake skin. Place a small amount of conditioner on a soft cloth and apply one light layer at a time. You'll want to apply several layers to the entire surface of your wallet.

Maintain the Shine

If you want to maintain the natural shine of your boa leather wallet, you'll want to polish it after each cleaning. Cream polishes work best because they won't irritate the scales or clog the leather pores. If possible, be sure to choose a polish that's close to the color of your boa skin. That way, you don't experience any discoloration. Like the conditioner, you'll apply several light coats of the polish, using a soft cloth.

Watch the Scales

Finally, when it comes to protecting your boa leather wallet, you'll want to keep a watchful eye on the scales. First, moisture should be wiped off immediately, using a soft cloth. Second, avoid rough handling of your wallet, or you risk damaging the scales. Finally, try to avoid tight pockets. Tight pockets can wreak havoc on the scales of your boa leather wallet.

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18 May 2019

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