5 Tips For Field Dressing After Shooting A Deer

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If you shoot a deer while you're hunting, then you will probably want to field dress it so that you can bring it home. These tips will help you when you're field dressing a deer for the first time.

1. Be Aware of Local Laws

First of all, along with being aware of any hunting laws in your area, it's also important to be aware of field dressing laws. For example, you may not be allowed to do it on private property, even if you have permission to hunt there. Instead, you may be required to remove the deer from the property first. You can do your research online or contact someone from your local wildlife office for more information about field dressing laws in your area.

2. Make Sure the Deer is Dead

Of course, it is important to make sure that the deer is dead before you begin field dressing. This is both important for humane-related reasons and for your own safety. Keep your gun close by until you have verified that the deer isn't in shock and that it is no longer alive.

3. Secure Your Firearm

Once you have made sure that the deer is dead, it is important to secure your firearm in a safe place, such as by removing the bullets, putting on the safety and then locking it in your truck. This will help you avoid accidentally setting off the gun while you're working, and it can prevent others from handling your gun and potentially hurting someone. It will also help you keep your gun safe from theft when you're working on field dressing your deer and not paying attention.

4. Use the Right Tools

The tools that you have for field dressing will make a big difference. It is a good idea for all deer hunters to invest in a good field dressing knife set. This can help you avoid cutting yourself when you're working and can make the job a whole lot easier, too. Plus, if you're planning on using the hide or displaying the antlers, using the right tools will help you get a better finished product.

5. Work Quickly

Working quickly is important when you are field dressing a deer. If you spend too much time on it, the meat can become tainted. Therefore, you should start field dressing right away after shooting a deer, and you should try to transport the deer home as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can keep the carcass cool by putting a plastic bag that has been filled with ice inside or near the carcass.


6 March 2019

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