Here's What To Look For When Choosing A Medical Cannabis Dispensary To Shop At

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Whether you have a new medical marijuana certification or you've been certified for years, shopping at a medical cannabis dispensary can help ensure that you always have the medication you need without having to worry about growing your own. Even if you enjoy growing your own medical marijuana, a cannabis dispensary can help bridge the gap when the growing season is slow or the weather elements aren't cooperating. Here are a few features to look for when choosing a medical cannabis dispensary to shop at:

An Anonymous Atmosphere

One important feature to look for when you're choosing a dispensary to shop at is an anonymous atmosphere. If people are allowed to roam inside the store without having the proper credentials, or if loitering around the front door is tolerated by the facility, you may find yourself feeling vulnerable to the prying eyes of those who don't maintain medical marijuana licenses.

And if you're uncomfortable with people from work or community groups you're a part of finding out that you use medical marijuana, those loiterers and window shoppers could end up blowing your cover somehow. But if the dispensary you choose to shop at doesn't allow front door loitering and only allows certified customers inside the front door, you can rest assured that you'll remain anonymous while you shop for and buy your medication.

Edible Product Options

In addition to actual cannabis, the dispensary you decide to shop at should offer the opportunity to purchase medical grade edibles. You may not want to or be able to smoke your medication at times, and it would be nice to be able to buy some cookies, brownies, or hard candies that are infused with medical cannabis for those times. The edibles can come in handy when you go on a road trip, hosting overnight guests at home that don't know about your medical condition, or even when spending time picnicking with family at the park.

Customized Blends

When choosing a dispensary to shop at, look for one that offers the option to create custom blends of cannabis strains. If you want to combine two or three of your favorite cannabis strains so the product is ready to roll, the facility you shop at should be able to grind the strains together to create a custom product just for you. And they can keep your preferred blends on record so they know exactly what to whip up for you when you walk in the door.


2 February 2019

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