3 Ways To Tell If A Local Cannabis Dispensary Is Operating Legally

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With recreational cannabis legal in a number of states, you might be interested in visiting a local dispensary to buy one or more strains of this substance. If you talk to people who frequent dispensaries in your area, you'll likely get some recommendations for local cannabis dispensaries that you may want to try. What you might not know, however, is that while many dispensaries are licensed and operating within the law, there are some that are technically illegal because they haven't applied for and received the proper permits. You don't want to frequent such an establishment; the police frequently raid illegal dispensaries. Here are some simple ways to tell that a cannabis dispensary is legal.

1. It's Listed In Reputable Directories 

You probably want to browse some cannabis dispensaries online before you decide which one you'll choose to visit, and the internet is a good place to start when it comes to ascertaining whether your preferred dispensary is legal. There are many reputable online directories that list legal cannabis dispensaries in your area. If you've heard about a dispensary that you're thinking about visiting, and you can find it mentioned in any of the reputable online directories that you've browsed, you're best to stay away from it.

2. It Operates Openly

Drive past the cannabis dispensary that you're thinking about frequenting and assess how open it is about the nature of its business. Legal dispensaries are clear about their business when it comes to using signs and other display information outside of their location. While some legal dispensaries are more overt than others about identifying their businesses, it should be clear to you what the business does. This isn't the case with an illegal dispensary, which may have little to no signage at all outside of its location. You'll want to avoid a dispensary that appears to be clandestine.

3. It Displays The Necessary Paperwork

When you step foot into any legal cannabis dispensary, it will virtually always have several pieces of paperwork visible that identify its nature are a legal business. For example, there will be a license, as well as permit paperwork, that is often framed and displayed around the cash. If such information isn't visible in any cannabis dispensary that you have chosen visit, ask if you can see it. Or, you might be better off leaving the business and finding another one, as this one may not be legal.


15 January 2019

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