Tips For Choosing An Ideal Spot While Hunting Blackbuck Antelope

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If you plan to go hunting for blackbuck antelope for the first time, you may be wondering how you can choose the best location to wait for one of these animals to appear. If so, use the following tips to help you choose an ideal spot while hunting blackbuck antelope.

Find a Spot near Water

Blackbuck antelope live in areas where the temperatures soar, and they are able to withstand the heat better than some other game animals. However, they also require a lot of water and will need to drink several times a day.

When picking out your spot to wait out the antelope, first search for an area that is next to water. While the antelope will drink from ponds and lakes, they prefer the fresher running water found in creeks and streams.

Once you find water, look for spots where the grass is matted down in a path and where branches are broken off. These signs usually indicate that antelope pass through the spot frequently.

Look for Short to Medium Grass

If you are unable to sit right next to the water source, the next characteristic of an ideal hunting spot for blackbuck antelope for which you should look is patches of grass. The antelope rely on grazing on grass as their main food source.

Because the antelope are always on the lookout for predators or rival antelope, they tend to be drawn to grass that is either low or medium in height. Also, the lower growing grass is more tender than high grass and contains more nutrition than higher, older blades.

Search for Black Areas on the Ground

Once you have found a possible grazing area, walk around to see if you find any spots that are black. These can be found either in the center of the field or around the perimeter.

One way male blackbuck antelope mark their territory is to defecate large piles of pellets at various points in an area. Especially when they are new to an area or right before rutting season, they will keep returning to the spots where they have already left behind these piles so they can keep adding to them to keep their scent fresh.

Using the tips above can help you choose a good spot that can increase your chances of finding a blackbuck antelope while hunting. For more information for a more successful hunt, speak with a representative from the blackbuck antelope hunting ranch you plan to visit.


24 October 2018

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