It's All About The Breathing: Why You Need To Add Supplemental Oxygen To Your Workout

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If you feel like your workouts are missing something, it's time to add supplemental oxygen to your routine. Adding supplemental oxygen to your workout routine is one of the best ways you can up your game without reaching for the performance enhancing drugs. Oxygen is all-natural, which means you won't have anything that can interfere with your ability to perform. Here are four benefits you can receive from adding supplemental oxygen to your workout routine.

Boost Your Oxygen Levels Prior to Workout

When you're going to be participating in a high-endurance workout, you need that initial boost of energy to get you going. Supplemental oxygen will give you that boost. Supplemental oxygen goes right to your lungs where it can add vital oxygenation to your red blood cells, making them more receptive to strenuous workouts. When you feel your energy waning, simply give yourself an added burst of the pure oxygen.

Defeat the Workout Migraines

If you suffer from workout migraines, you need to start using supplemental oxygen. Workout migraines are often caused by a decrease in oxygen, which can occur when you're focusing on your reps rather than your oxygen intake. To help you avoid those workout migraines, or to alleviate them quicker when you do get them, have a supply of supplemental oxygen on hand. A burst of pure oxygen will help alleviate the discomfort so you can get back to your workout.

Catch Your Breath After Strenuous Exercise

After a strenuous workout, you can find yourself out of breath. Sometimes the only way to catch your breath is to pant, which can lead to light-headedness. Another way to catch your breath after a strenuous workout is to carry supplemental oxygen with you. A burst of supplemental oxygen will reoxygenate your lungs quickly so that you can catch your breath without panting or getting light-headed.

Provide Added Oxygen During High-Altitude Workouts

If you work out in higher altitudes, the thinner air can be difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, that means your workouts won't be as productive as they should be. You can overcome the problems associated with working out in higher altitudes by using supplemental oxygen during your workouts. Start each workout with a burst of pure oxygen and then follow up with another at the end of your workout. This is particularly important if your workout is going to take place outdoors or in a facility that doesn't have a controlled ventilation system.

For more information about how to use a supplemental portable oxygen product, contact a local supplier. 


8 September 2018

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