How To Avoid Mishaps During Your First Sail

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Boating mistakes can be very expensive, so you may be reluctant to go on your first sailing adventure. You will need to be prepared for the risks you might face. 

Don't Sail Too Close to Other Boats

One of the most common early mistakes that new sailors make is sailing too close to other sailboats. Sailboats will heel over underway and it's easy to catch rigs. 

Make Sure the Anchor is Secure

Make sure that the anchor is secured to the anchor locker. Otherwise, when you lower the anchor it may simply sink and will not properly anchor your boat. 

Don't Get Caught in the Winch

Winches are common places where people can get their fingers, toes, and hair trapped. When a line wraps around a winch and is pulled in, everything that is between the line and the drum will also be pulled in. This can lead to serious injuries. 

Keep the Mainsail Above the Mast

The mainsail always needs to be at the top of the mast. When the boom is not at the right height, you are more likely to hit your head. You will also struggle to get underneath the sail. Additionally, your sail controls will not manipulate the sail in the manner you expect them to. 

Don't Oversteer

Do not oversteer your sailboat. This is one of the most serious mistakes because you will risk capsizing your sailboat. If you are having a difficult time doing everything you need to do in your tack, slow it all down; you also want to slow down because this will give you more time to think.

Keep the Rudder All the Way Down

Make sure your rudder is all the way down. Even if you are not racing, having your rudder even slightly up can change your boating experience. In some cases, your boat might even capsize because you do not have your rudder down. When your rudder is up even a small amount, you will experience a lot of resistance on the tiller. This will cause you to have less control and will leave you feeling less confident out on the water.

Have the Right Sail Trim

Make sure to have the right sail trim. You should keep the sails out as far as possible without them flapping. If your boat feels slow and it feels like something is not right, adjust the sails. Because this can be difficult to gauge, it's important to gain experience by taking private sailing lessons.

For more information, consider taking private sailing courses with companies like Caribbean Sailing Solutions.


14 August 2018

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