3 Reasons Your Teen Should Take Ballet

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Ballet is not only a beautiful form of dance, but it is also an excellent activity for your teenager to be involved in. Ballet classes are offered for teens all over the United States and there are classes and teachers for all different skill levels. Here are three reasons your teen should take ballet. 

Teaches Them Discipline 

Taking ballet for teens is a great way for your teen to learn discipline in several aspects of their life. Not only do they have to be disciplined during practices and performances in order to be a great dancer, but they must also practice discipline in other areas of their life. They need to eat properly to fuel their body for ballet, and they also need to keep curfew to make sure they get enough sleep each night. It is also important that they refrain from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and anything else that may be harmful to their body. This discipline will not only help them as a ballerina, but it can help them in several different aspects of life. 

Can Lead To A Professional Career 

If your child has been taking ballet since they were young, and they continue to take it into their teens, then they are likely a very gifted and skilled ballerina. This skill can take them far and can even lead them to a professional ballet school and a career as a ballerina. If this is a dream that your teen has, then ballet classes are the way to get them there. It is the time that they spend practicing during each ballet class that makes all of the difference and allows them to grow and improve. 

Great For College Applications 

Ballet is also good for college applications, whether your child is a beginner level ballerina or one who is very advanced. Even if your teen just wants to do ballet as a fun activity and use it as a way to stay active, this still looks great on their college applications. It shows that they are committed to something and involved in extracurricular activities. This can often be a determining factor for getting into a college after academics have been taken into consideration. 

There are so many positive things that can come from your teenager taking ballet lessons. It helps to teach them discipline in several aspects of their life, it can lead to a professional career for ballerinas who have this desire, and it looks great on college applications. 


4 March 2018

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