Looking To Sell Your Snowboard Fast? What To Know

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Are you trying to get rid of a snowboard, boots or other gear, and you aren't sure what are the best ways to get rid of it in a hurry? Here are some ways you can get rid of the sporting equipment that you don't need anymore, so you can get something else, or so you can take the cash that you need for the items.

Ski and Board Swap

Are there any local winter sporting good swaps coming up in your area? This is a fast way to reach out to a lot of buyers in one night, and to walk away with cash in hand within a couple of hours. You can set the price high to see if people try to negotiate lower, or even possibly set up a silent auction next to the board, boots and binders to see how high someone is willing to go to get them.

Online Auction Sites

There are many popular online auctions site that allow you to list the used equipment, and then you set the time and amount. You can set a minimum amount you want to get for the board, and see if anyone meets it, or you can set a standard price and the first person who purchases it gets it. If you want it sold fast, you can pay extra with some sites to have the item advertised.

Trade Options

There may be people that are willing to trade, and can look for this at the ski swap, or when you list the item on classified sites. You also may want to make signs for the local skill clubs and resorts. Also, head to your local snowboard retailer or outdoor equipment shop to see if they would take the board on trade in, or if they want to sell the board for you. 

Classified Ads

There are classified ads you can put in the paper, online, and on social media groups. This is a fast way for you to reach thousands of people in the time it takes you to upload some pictures. You can also compare the cost of other similar boards for sale.

 There are so many different ways that you can get rid of the equipment in a hurry if you want to sell. Take the time to wax the board and clean it up, and clean up the boots and bindings so they look like they are in top condition for anyone that may want to buy them. The sooner you list them and explore your options, the sooner you can sell snowboard gear.


21 February 2018

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