Three Glass Pipe Care Tips

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A glass pipe may be your preferred tool for smoking, but you may be making mistakes that are compromising the quality of your glass pipe. While it may seem as though glass pipes are easy to use and maintain, there are several steps that you may overlook that could be particularly problematic for your pipe.

Invest In A Storage Case

During the times when you are not using your glass pipe, it should always be placed in a protective case. This will minimize the risk of the glass suffering damage while also helping to keep it out of the hands of children or other individuals that you do not want gain access to these devices. When you are choosing a case for your pipe, you should prefer one that has ample padding on the interior to protect the pipe in the event that the case is dropped with the pipe in it.

Clean The Pipe Frequently

After you have used the pipe several times, you may notice that sizable amounts of resin and ash may start to collect in the pipe. These substances can severely restrict the airflow through the pipe while also imparting a very foul taste when inhaling. Cleaning your pipe may seem as though it will be a very difficult or otherwise time-consuming task. Yet, it is possible to dissolve much of this resin by soaking the pipe in a mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol. As the pipe soaks, you can improve the results that you get by periodically rinsing the pipe under a stream of hot water as this will further loosen some of the material that has gotten stuck to the pipe. After you have cleaned the pipe, you should allow it to thoroughly dry before you use it. Otherwise, the moisture in the pipe could greatly increase the production of resin, which could require you to clean the pipe far more frequently.

Avoid Using A Pipe That Has Visible Signs Of Damage

Unfortunately, there will come a day when your glass pipe may have signs of visible damage. Often, this can be in the form of cracks, chips or other issues that could structurally weaken the exterior of the glass. If your pipe has developed these issues, you will need to avoid using it. The intense and rapid temperature change that can come from lighting the material in the bowl of the pipe can be enough to cause these weakened areas to rapidly fail. This can put the user at a risk of inhaling shards of glass, which could be extremely painful and dangerous.


30 December 2017

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