3 Tips For Helping You Sell Your Golf Cart

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If you are ready to upgrade to a new golf cart in your life, you first need to sell your old golf cart. In order to successfully sell your old golf cart, there are a few things that you need to do first.

#1 Check The Paperwork

The first thing you need to do is check the paperwork that you have on your vehicle. Most golf carts come with a title and registration. You want to make sure that you know where both the title and registration for your golf cart are located so that you can easily sell your golf cart. This paperwork will be necessary for you to sell your golf cart.

Many prospective buyers are also going to want to know how you took care of your golf cart. If you kept maintenance records, make a copy for the potential buyer of your golf cart.

Finally, you are going to want to create a print a bill of sale. Of course, you should leave the important information blank, such as the buyer's name, date, and price that your golf cart sold for since you don't know this information yet. However, having a bill of sale handy will make it easy to quickly finalize a sale when you find the right buyer.

#2 Check The Battery

One of the most vital components of a golf cart is the battery. Most golf carts run on the battery. Look at the battery and make sure that it is free of acid buildup and corrosion. You don't want to see either on the connector. If you do see acid buildup and corrosion, clean it away with a wire brush or install new connectors on your batteries.

Make sure you also know how old the battery is and how long it is supposed to last. This will give the new buyer more information about the shape your golf cart is in and how soon they may need to purchase a new battery for the golf cart where they to purchase it.

#3 Check The Tires

The other important mechanical component you are going to want to check are the tires. Make sure that the tread on the tires are not worn down too much. If the tread is really thin, replace the tires before you sell your golf cart. Also, make sure that all of your tires match and are the same brand; this will make your golf cart look a whole lot nicer.

If your tires are in good shape, spend some time cleaning them up. Inflate them with lots of air. Give them a nice scrubbing and then apply a protective coating.

Finally, make sure that you take high-quality photographs of your golf cart. Make sure all the pictures that you take are focused and clear. Make sure that you take at least eight pictures of the outside of your golf cart, one from each side and one from each corner of your golf cart. You want to take lots of pictures of the inside of your golf cart. Be sure to highlight the best interior features of your golf cart. Good pictures will help you effectively sell your golf cart. To learn more, contact a golf cart company like Cart Company. 


18 December 2017

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