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When it comes to self defense and the defense of the ones that you love, there are few things that do a better job than a pistol or a revolver. In a situation where you will need to defend yourself, you will want to have a very reliable gun that you are familiar with. There are specific aspects that make for a great conceal carry gun, but the main takeaway is that you first need to make sure that you have a conceal carry permit, so you are not breaking the law. However, this article is going to address a few aspects that you need to remember about conceal carry handguns. 


One of the most important aspects of a conceal carry handgun is that it needs to be extremely light. You are going to be packing the firearm all day, so you want it to be very comfortable. You do not want your handgun to be over 30 ounces or by the end of the day, your are going to really notice that it is there. Another aspect of conceal carrying a gun that is important is the holster. The better the holster the more apt you are to wear your gun. A good holster will be able to distribute the weight of the gun, and make it more comfortable to wear.


You do not ever want to gun print. This is where the outline of your gun is visible through your clothes. The point of a concealed carry handgun is to keep it concealed. If there ever is a situation where a bad guy pulls a gun in your presence, you want to have the element of surprise when you pull your weapon. If the assailant knows that you are armed, then you may be the first target. So, go small when looking at conceal carry handguns.


It is very good to have a smaller handgun, but you do not want the gun to be so small that you can't shoot it. Take your gun to the range a few times a week for the first few months that you have it. Make sure that you practice a lot with your new handgun. Practice all different situations, and when you feel comfortable with your gun, train a lot more. It is a good idea to take self-defense shooting classes. You want to be as prepared as possible to shoot your handgun when the time comes. For more info, talk to a professional like Four Guns.


23 June 2017

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