Spend Time Relaxing And Participating In Outdoor Activities With Your Children While Visiting Ottawa

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If you will be renting a vacation cottage like Snowbird Haven that is located along the Ottawa river this summer for you and your children to spend time relaxing and participating in outdoor activities, consider using the following tips to help you and your family enjoy yourselves.

Backyard Barbecue And Lawn Games

Pack a grill, horsehoes and stakes, badminton net and rackets, and wiffle ball bat and ball to bring to the rental cottage. Upon your family's arrival, unpack your clothing and personal possessions and put them away inside of the rental cottage before heading outdoors to set up the grill and lawn games. Prepare barbecued ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, or another type of meat that you and your children like. After eating a meal together, play the games to expend restless energy as you and your kids enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Whitewater Rafting Trip

Since your rental cottage is located along a major waterway, there will be plenty of rafting outfits in the vicinity. Pack a pair of binoculars in a small, waterproof bag and sandwiches and cold drinks in a cooler and bring the packed items along with you as you look for businesses that rent rafts, oars, and life jackets.

After obtaining a raft and accessories, request the assistance of a guide if you and your children have never participated in a rafting excursion before. While moving through the water, take in the scenery and use the binoculars to look for birds and animals that are within the vicinity. If you spot wildlife, provide your children with the opportunity to use the binoculars to see each species up close. 

Overnight Camping

Bring a large tent to the vacation cottage and set it up in the front or back yard. Place sleeping bags, pillows, and a battery-operated lantern inside of the tent. Prepare a simple meal on your grill to enjoy while seated on the ground. Explore the outdoors by walking around the cottage and looking at the plants, shrubs, and trees that are growing on the property. Provide your children with basic information about the natural surroundings.

Before it grows dark, head back to the tent and spread a blanket on the ground near the tent's opening. Sit down on the blanket with your children and gaze towards the sky. Point out the moon and constellations and ask your children if they see any additional stars in the sky. Once everyone gets tired, head into the tent to sleep. The fresh air and quiet surroundings will help you and your children envision being on a real camping trip.


14 June 2017

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