The Delaware River: A Perfect Weekend Adventure Sport For Whitewater Enthusiasts In NYC

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If you and a few of your friends are looking to have an adventure, but don't have more than the weekend to spare, then consider a whitewater rafting trip on the Delaware River. You can head out early on a Saturday morning and be in Narrowsburg, NY early enough to get a full day of rafting in. It's about a hundred mile drive, so you should try and hit the road by at latest be there early enough to get quality rafting in.

Rafting Options: Guided Tour or Bring Your Own

There are two ways to raft the Delaware river. You can hook up with a tour company or you can launch your own raft from a public access point. If you hook up with a tour company, the way it works is you drive to the launch point and then get into the rafts and head down river. Then, at the take out spot, you will shore your raft and get into the buses that are waiting. The take out spots are clearly visible because they are large beach areas, and there is normally a structure with a sign for the tour guide company on display. The buses will then carry you back upriver to your cars.

If you own your own raft, then you can launch from any public access point. The only issue you will have to navigate is the return trip. There are two ways to handle this. First, you can travel in two cars. You will choose a public access point downstream from the launch and then park one car in the public parking area. Then you will load up everyone in the second car and drive to the up-stream launch point. Then, when taking out, you deflate your raft or strap it to the top of your truck, and drive back upstream to your other car.

The second method is to use one car and park it at the launch point. Then when you take out downstream, you can contact the Pocono Pony service. They help with transporting both people and crafts up and down the river. This is an awesome solution to the problem of moving back and forth upriver. Many private tour companies only cater to individuals who rent their crafts, so the Pocono Pony is a great alternative. Make sure to call them ahead of time to work out the details of the trip. You will want to make it clear that you are doing both transport and craft portage.

For this option, buy an affordable raft form an affordable provider, such as Andy and Bax.

Where To Launch

There are lots of public access points along the river, but you should try and launch at Skinners Falls. This is one of the major whitewater sections on the river and one you don't want to miss.


8 July 2016

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